“To avoid further temptation, she stared at the floor. White dot at two o’clock. Marion wasn’t the only one who saw the small white pill lying on the floor of the Barney’s shoe department. Craig-the-stylist saw it too.”
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Book Club Questions

1   “Trophies” gives the reader a glimpse into the fundraising turf-wars of Westside Los Angeles. Has fundraising played a role in your own life? How?
2   Marion Zane is able to keep her personal moral policy of never passing gossip and gossip plays a major role in the story. How do you feel about gossip? How has it affected your life and the lives of others around you? What other literature have you read that discusses gossip?
3   “Trophies” is a story in which the second wives are the heroines, for a change. Do you believe second wives have been unfairly stereotyped in literature? What literature has impacted your beliefs regarding second wives? Is anyone in your book club a second wife? Have they endured unfair or fair treatment in regards to that status?
4   The character of Craig-the-stylist is a reflection of the hyper-focus on fashion that has arisen in our culture over the past decade. Where now, stylists have taken as important a role as the designers and wearing a current style isn’t enough unless one wears it combined with other pieces “correctly”. Has this hyper-dissection and awareness gotten out of hand? What other books discuss fashion where characters like Claire are feeling inadequate and opt to change their exteriors rather than interiors?
5   How do you think Marion’s life would have turned out if she had told her daughter her true identity when she was a little girl? What other literature have you read where mothers have posed as their daughter’s sisters?
6   How does life on Westside Los Angeles change Claire? Do you believe her change was inevitable? One of many themes in “Trophies” discusses is the ER crisis in Los Angeles. In fact, more emergency rooms are closing throughout America than at any other time in history. How does this affect America? What can we do about it?
7   The character of Patti Fink is absorbed with distractions in order to avoid her true feelings. What other characters in literature does she resemble? How did they stay above feeling?
8   “Trophies” also explores gentrification within downtown Loa Angeles. Has this phenomena occurred in your city? For better or worse? How would this story be different if it were set in New York? In Dallas? In Atlanta? In your city?
9   Each character has secrets in this story. In your opinion, which secret is most critical? Do we now live in a society where no secret is safe? How else could Marion have handled her crisis? What other characters in literature have gone to such lengths to conceal bad fortunes? To save their marriages? How does each of the women in the book deal with crisis? How do their methods differ from each other?
10   The women in the story all champion specific causes. If you were in their shoes and had that kind of time and money at your disposal, what would you do?
11   Instead of an evil stepmother, Claire endures evil stepchildren. This is definitely a turnaround on the stepmother cliché. What other literature takes this approach?
12   With which Trophy wife do you sympathize most and why? Name the Trophy wives in your own community. How do they differ from the characters in the story?