“To avoid further temptation, she stared at the floor. White dot at two o’clock. Marion wasn’t the only one who saw the small white pill lying on the floor of the Barney’s shoe department. Craig-the-stylist saw it too.”
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“You’ll love the fearless, powerful women in Trophies--flawlessly draped in Vera Wang, manicured hands pushing buttons while scratching their way to the top--the secret power brokers of Los Angeles. Heather Thomas has written a stiletto heel-sharp satiric romp.” -Arianna Huffington

A BEACHY READ” -Los Angeles Times

“In this celebrity-driven culture, you probably think you know this world. You don’t. Not until you read this delightful and insightful first novel by Heather Thomas.” -Norman Lear

“Welcome to the world of the Trophy Wife, where deception, lust, fake eyelashes and three-hour-martini lunches are de rigueur. Heather Thomas takes us on a thrill ride through the wilds of Hollywood in this stiletto-sharp, wicked, adrenalin-rush of a debut that will leave you breathless for more. As much fun as a pitcher of blended margaritas, without the hangover!”-Gigi Levangie Grazer

“Made me laugh out loud... ironic, smart and surprisingly touching.” -Harrison Ford


“Heather Thomas has penned an engaging yarn about the pampered wives of L.A.'s moneyed elite.”- Read more > | Download pdf >